Naples Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Juan Escobar prosecuted thousands of criminal cases in Collier County as an Assistant State Attorney.  He has handled jury and non-jury trials, violation of probation hearings, depositions, and countless motions.  He brings the experience and knowledge from the prosecution’s viewpoint, such as the strategies and tactics of the prosecutors.  He is familiar with what typically happens behind the scenes at the Office of the State Attorney during every stage of a criminal case.

Mr. Escobar has gone up against many defense attorneys including his current partner, Derek Verderamo.  Having dealt with a multitude of different defense attorneys, Mr. Escobar knows which defenses and strategies are available and most effective in combating criminal charges.

In 2011, Mr. Escobar and another prosecutor were the first to successfully prosecute a domestic violence case before Judge Mike Carr where the victim refused to cooperate.  The result was significant because oftentimes the State is forced to drop charges when victims fail to testify due to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Crawford v. Washington which affords defendants the right to confront witnesses against them if such testimony is to be used in the trial.  By relying on an exception to the hearsay rule, Mr. Escobar and his co-counsel were able to introduce a recording of the victim’s emergency 911 call that Mr. Escobar subsequently played during his closing arguments.  An attorney’s knowledge of the rules of evidence is crucial so that clients can make informed decisions on whether to take a case to trial and to assure that their Constitutional Rights are not violated during the trial.  See Naples Daily News Article.  See another Naples Daily News Article.

In 2012, Mr. Escobar was one of two prosecutors chosen to represent the State of Florida at an En Banc hearing (hearing before all of the local county court judges simultaneously) to defend the State’s use of the Intoxilyzer 8000 breath instrument in criminal DUI trials.  Over fifty (50) defendants charged with DUI represented by a dozen criminal defense attorneys were party to the hearing.  At the hearing, Juan Escobar was responsible for eliciting testimony from the State’s expert witness, the program manager for the Alcohol Testing Program of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Mr. Escobar uses his knowledge of how the Intoxilyzer operates, the Florida rules regulating its use, as well as the current case law to assure that clients’ rights are not violated in DUI investigations and subsequent prosecutions.

Juan Escobar and Derek Verderamo would like to use their combined knowledge and experience to defend your case and to protect your Constitutional and Due Process Rights.  To personally meet with Juan Escobar and Derek Verderamo for a FREE consultation, please call 239-775-1004.